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«Bach. Organ music»

Series of 12 concerts

On 12 October 2019 a series of Bach organ concerts performed by leading Russian organist Konstantin Volostnov began at the Museum of Music. This is the third project of the musician on the Prokofiev stage. It embraces all organ compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach and is considered to be the most successful organ series of the Museum of Music.

<p>December 14, 2019</p><p>Moscow (Russia)</p>

December 14, 2019

Moscow (Russia)

Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, 19:00

Program: C. Schumann, R. Schumann, J. Brams

<p>December 18, 2019</p><p>St. Petersburg (Russia)</p>

December 18, 2019

St. Petersburg (Russia)

Capella Taurida, 19:00

Program: Bach, Vivaldi, Mendelsson, Schumann

<p>December 21, 2019</p><p>St. Petersburg (Russia)</p>

December 21, 2019

St. Petersburg (Russia)

Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral of St. Peter, 19:00

Program: Bach, Franck, Liszt, Glazunov

<p>December 28, 2019</p><p>Moscow (Russia)</p>

December 28, 2019

Moscow (Russia)

Museum of Music, 19:00

Concert No. 3 - «Bach. Organ music»


<p>January 28, 2020</p><p>Moscow (Russia)</p>

January 28, 2020

Moscow (Russia)

Conservatory Great Hall, 19:00


Solo concert

in the Great Hall of the Conservatory

Вечер «ОРГАН: СИМФОНИЧЕСКАЯ ФАНТАЗИЯ» состоится 28 января в Большом зале консерватории. 

В программе вечера органные Фантазии выдающихся композиторов четырёх столетий: Баха, Свелинка, Франка, Листа и Глазунова. 

Удивительно разнообразная по характеру и масштабу – от миниатюр до грандиозных полотен – эта музыка раскроет безграничные возможности уникального «симфонического органа» консерватории. Под виртуозными пальцами Константина Волостнова роскошный французский инструмент конца 19 столетия обретает колоссальную мощь и выразительность, то обрушивая со сцены раскаты грома, то увлекая слушателя в мир еле уловимых фантастических образов.

"Konstantin Volostnov has demonstrated a remarkable school of performance on original keyboard instruments, as well as a subtle understanding of styles of music by 17th and 18th century composers."

"Kultura" Newspaper ("Culture"), no.16, Moscow


The Moscow organist Konstantin Volostnov was born in Moscow in 1979. He began studying organ music in Maria Potashnikova's class in Sergei Prokofiev Music School. From 1994 to 1999 he studied in the Academic Music College of The Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (piano and organ classes of Alexei Shmitov).

In 2004 Konstantin Volostnov graduated from The Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory where he studied with Professor Alexei Parshin (organ), Yuri Martynov (piano), and Professor Alexei Lyubimov (chamber ensemble). In 2007 Konstantin Volostnov got a diploma of Staatliche Hochschule fur M&DK in Stuttgart where he took lessons from professor, doc. Ludger Lohmann and in the same year Konstantin finished post-graduate course of The Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (organ class of professor Natalia Gureeva). In October 2013 Konstantin made his last examination: for the first time in the history of Stuttgart Musikhochschule he's got a Diploma "with distinction" as postgraduate student of organ class.

Konstantin Volostnov is a winner of the First Prize at the E.F.Walcker-prize in Schramberg (Germany, 2008) and First Prize at A.-F.Goedicke competition in Moscow (2008). In 2009 he became a winner (First prize) at St.Albans organ competition (UK) where he also got Peter Hurford prize (for the best performance of Bach’s work), Audience prize, and the prize for the best performance of Sacrificium by John Casken.

Konstantin is a regular participant of the contemporary music festival "Moscow Autumn" (2001-2015) and the Moscow International Organ Festival (2001-2011).



Bach: Organ Concertos, Sonatas and Toccatas


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Organ of the Moscow International performing arts center

Program: Bach, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Kushnarev

Russian organ preludes and fugues

Program: Bach, Catoire, Goedicke, Glasunov, Karatygin

Great organ works II

Program: Bach, Schumann, Brams, Reger, Franck...

Méditation lyrique

Program: Bach, Mozart, Schumann,
Reger, Widor, Franck, Alen

Organ Live Album

Program: Bach, Schumann, Brams, Dupre

At the organ of Moscow Catholic Cathedral

Program: Bach, Mozart, Franck.
recorded in 2008, published in 2009


Six Organ Sonatas

Program: Mendelssohn. Organ sonatas 1-6
Recorded in Kislovodsk organ hall 2006,
published in 2008

Great organ works

Program: Bach, Franck, Vivaldi...
Recorded in Svetlogorsk organ hall "Makarov", published in 2006

Organ music by Moscow Composers

Program: Pirumov, Kikta, Ledenev, Dubkova...

J.S. Bach and romantic organ music

Program: Bach, Mendelson, Brahms

"Volostnov’s manner of performance is characterized by artistry and temperament, which allows us to expect from his programs an effect of presence not only at a solemn mass, but in organ competitions."

"KultPohod" Magazine ("Culture walk magazine"), Moscow


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